Eden Latham
Garden Chair fragments
Crystal Maze Group Exhibition, 2016
Lay my burden down 1 & 2
Cement, wood, soap, matress, 160/320cm
Gemak, 2016
Details of 'Frontierland' installation
Rust, Margerine, Plastic, Wood, Soap, Polyurethane, TL, Garden Chair
'He came to see her one last time', and 'These bones they move slow' installation view
Video, Carpet, Soap. 600cm/200cm
Nest, 2017
Latex, foam, nylon thread
Morecambe, 2016
Hello walls
Insulation foam, margerine
Excavational Act in Five Parts - Residuum - 2019

Soap, Aspirin, Margarine, Citalopram, Fernandes Red Grape, Cabernet Sauvignon, Dirt, Glue, Tar, Gelatine, Hair, Monosodium Glutamate, Levothyroxine, Tissue, Merlot, Paracetamol, Slime, Estee Lauder Pure Colour Envy HI-LUSTRE 330 Bad Angel, Slime, GazeuseCellophane, Rust, L’Oreal Preference Hair Colour - #RR07 Intense Red Copper, Plastic, Wood, TL
Heartaches by the number - 2018

Mattress, Mould, Rust, Plexiglass, Wood
Untitled - 2019
Soap, Found Mattress
Untitled - 2017
Polyurethane Sofa filling, Nylon thread
Untitled 2018
School Floor (Demolished) Fat
Kentucky Fat Barn Prototypes 2019
Soldered Plastic, Tar, Fat, Mould